Good Friday is the religious day of Christian community in commemorate of death of Jesus Christ. This day is a gazetted holiday in India when the God of Christian community was believed to be crucified as the ultimate sacrifice of people sins. It falls on Friday soon before the Easter Sunday comes. According to the Julian calendar, the crucifixion of the Jesus Christ was held on Friday in 33AD or 34AD. This day is also known as Black Friday or Great Friday or Holy Friday. Many of the western countries have also declared this day as public holiday to pay tribute to Jesus Christ.

Many Christians and even people of other religion go to churches and offer prayers in front of Lord Jesus. Not even a single candle is burnt in Church as this holy day observes the complete darkness.

Why Good Friday is termed as ‘Good’?

Although there are many Catholic beliefs and roman sentiments associated with this day, but a question always arises somewhere as to why this day is termed as ‘Good’?

Actually, it is termed ‘Good’ because Lord Jesus Christ did a good deed for which he is known. He sacrificed his life for the sake of humanity and all the people of this world. People were being looted and fights were being in trend in the name of religion. While Jesus believes that a true religion lies in our hearts & whoever serves the humanity, is automatically dedicated to serve God. Hence, this divine soul offered his life to be taken for the betterment of humanity & the name was given as Good Friday.

Truly this was the Son of God

Many of them really feel the sorrow of the pain Lord Jesus would have received while his crucifixion. In the evening time, the death of Jesus is remembered and sad prayers are offered by the priests and the devotees in the church. They further offer the thanksgiving to Lord Jesus for sacrificing his life for us.

When the Roman Governor named Pontius Pilate ordered the death of Jesus Christ, then soon he was brought to the place of execution on the cross. The whole of Christian community and the other followers were in deep sorrow and darkness by then. His hands and legs were bolted. Finally, he gave up his spirit with a loud voice of cry in pain & the curtains of the temple torn down from top to bottom because of the earthquake. Hence, the site of his crucifixion declared him as a ‘God’s Son’.

Celebration of Good Friday in other Countries

Good Friday is celebrated by various countries in their own customs and traditions.

In Germany, organizing the cultural events is restricted, and therefore, only religious programmes are shown on TV on the day along with the prayers at churches.

USA has not declared the day as government holiday, and hence, it is not compulsory to close the private colleges and institutions on the holy day.

England and South Africa has declared it a public holiday for all the institutional organizations. However, keeping the businesses open is the matter of choice by the country people.


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