Lohri Festival

Lohri festival is one of the popular festivals of Sikh people. It is celebrated on the auspicious day of January 13 every year. The festival is celebrated with great zeal and joy in the evening. At dawn, a bonfire is lit and all family members and friends sit around the bonfire. They sing folk songs and dance on the beats of Dhol (musical instrument).

The freezing cold weather, temperature between 0-5, and shivering people. Everything seems stagnant all over the country. And the long awaited bonfire festival is being celebrated. People come out from their house and celebrate the Rabi harvesting and enjoy on folk songs and dances as well.

Significance of Lohri Festival

Lohri is the main festival of Punjab, the breadbasket of India. It is called the breadbasket because of the largest production of wheat, which is sown in the month of October and harvested in March-April. There are various notions to celebrate this festival. But whatever the conception is, it is the wonderful time in a year.

Punjab is the main city where Lohri is celebrated in the most charismatic way. It begins with lightening the bonfire and dancing on Dhols along with enjoying the traditional Makke Ki Roti and Sarso Ka Saag.

Traditions regarding Celebration

The festival starts with gathering around the bonfire and sing with each other. And since the weather is very cold so everyone enjoys the warmth of bonfire.

Lohri consist a wish to Agni, and it usually comprises Gazak, Moongphali and Til as offerings which is passed to each other to take and wish to Agni for their wellness and prosperity in the new upcoming year. Lohri songs play a vital role in celebration with full fun and enjoy that consists beats of Dhol and children sing and dance and finally asking for the Lohri Prasad.

Customs and legends

On this day, children go from door to door to in the morning to demand Lohri in the form of eatables and money. They sing songs in the praise of Dulha Bhatti who was just like the Robin Hood. He uses to rob rich people in order to help the poor people.

Song and dance

After offering the bonfire, men dance Bhangra, the traditional dance of Punjab. But the womenhold a different courtyard to set the bonfire and dances on Gidda.

Celebration for newly wedded couples

In India marriage is a religious act. And for newly wedded couple their first Lohri is like a huge celebration. All the near and dear ones are invited on a dinner and blessings are given to the newlyweds.


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